Jon M Fuhrman

      I started making wire dies while in high school at Bellmont High School in Decatur, IN in 1979 for my father, Otto and his partners at Decatur Wire Die Services, Inc. We built Decatur Wire Die into an industry leader during my 20+ years of employment there.

      During those 20+ years there, I was personally involved(hands on!!) in all aspects of the processes, from Tungsten Carbide Die production and management, Diamond/PCD Die production, Research and Development of new processes and new equipment, as well as Facility management and Operations management of all Die Assembly, EDM & Laser operations and Equipment Design and Manufacturing.

     In 2000 I formed Fuhrman Precision Services, Inc which continues to operate seperately from Heritage Wire Die, Inc.

     In 2003 I was invited by my Uncle Gilbert to purchase Heritage Wire Die, Inc and since that time I have been adding capabilities and products to our offerings while improving the Quality and Service of our company.

Service with Honesty and Integrity is my Pledge -


Jon M Fuhrman

‚ÄčLuke 6:31 - Do unto others as You would have them do unto You

        We are a small Wire Die Company located in Decatur, Indiana that has seen a tremendous amount of necessary changes take place in the past decade. We all have to admit the World has changed and we too have to change with it.

        To change just for the sake of changing things is usually an exercise in futility, but, if we continue to learn from our experiences, change can be a good thing! We continuously look for improvements in our processes and techniques in order to provide a more cost effective, better quality product when you the customer need it.

- Service with honesty and integrity is our specialty - 

Heritage Wire Die and its history

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