Wire Drawing Dies

Utilizing the finest materials available for your application to your specifications. 
For drawing, tinning, coating, bunching, stranding, guides and wiping.

  • Full selection of Carbide Dies from R2 to R11 in stock
    - Mounted in Standard Size Casings or Custom Sized Casings
  • Natural Single Crystal Diamonds
    - We select and use only the best Natural Stones available that are oriented according to the "grain" for the best wear and life expectancy

  • Synthetic Single Crystal Diamonds
    - Inserts from De Beers(R)
     and Sumitomo(R)

  • Polycrystalline Diamonds
    - We utilize P.C.D. from known, dependable sources that provide tried and true consistent performance such as Diamond Innovations(R)
    , Sumitomo(R) and Worldwide Super Abrasives(R).

  • We also offer Ceramic Dies for non-drawing applications

  • Split Dies in Custom Configurations and or Standard

Die Room Tools and Accessories

  • Abrasives
  • Inspection
    - Microscopes, Gages and Quality Control
  • Tools
    - Finishing Equipment, Pullers and Pointers


  • Regarding Die selection, Die life, etc

Plus a Full Machine Shop Service for Specialty Work

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Services and Products



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